14 Fast & Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Home Interior

14 Fast & Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Home Interior

Everyone redecorates their home for separate reasons – some people crave a fresh, new look, while others aim to increase their home value. Some people turn to professional home interior services, while others prefer to do it themselves. Whatever the case, every homeowner can stand to benefit from simple but effective interior decorating tips. Here are 14 easy ways you can spruce up your Rohnert Park real estate and add to its unique charm.

Work around a theme

While selecting a theme for each room is optional, it opens up a whole new world of interior design and creativity. Themed rooms also provide a cohesive plan from the start – you know what to look for and what to base your decisions around. Some classic themes include a nautical or beach-themed bathroom, a regal and comfortable master bathroom, a sleek and modern kitchen, and more. Unless you’re planning to sell your home soon, choose a theme you like best and work from there.

Install new lighting fixtures

One of the best ways to see any given room in a new light is by installing new lighting fixtures. Liven up a dining room with beautiful pendant lamps, or add flair to a bathroom with a themed wall sconce. Your choices should reflect the theme of the room if you’ve chosen one.

If you’re also hoping to increase the value of your home, energy-efficient lighting is the way to go. Not only does it increase the overall market value of the home, but it also saves you money by using up less energy. Accompany your new fixtures with energy-efficient light bulbs to make the most out of this quick improvement!

Opt for neutral colors

Neutrality is key – even more so for home sellers. Settle for neutral colors like off-white and beige, but don’t be afraid to explore other palettes in the kitchen and bathroom. A light sky blue or gentle green works well for bathrooms, while a rich maroon or chestnut brown can accentuate a kitchen. All in all, avoid flashy colors and patterns.

Invest in new hardware

If your home is on the older side, consider investing in new hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms. Install a new towel bar or replace the faucet with something new and sleek. Give your kitchen cabinets brand new handles and knobs, or renovate your sink into a double-bowl model. The smallest of upgrades can do a lot for your home.

Tile backsplash

Consider adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen! It’s simple but adds a sleek touch to your kitchen and amplifies its appeal. Subway tile is a popular choice and easy to install on your own with online tutorials.

Wood molding

Transform your dining room into an elegant and luxurious space with strategic molding. Narrow strip molding is perfect for creating that regal picture frame look, but if you’re looking for something simple and refined, crown molding is ideal. With the right tutorial, you can install any kind of wood molding on your own.

Declutter and deep clean

There is such a thing as too much decoration, giving way to the phrase, “less is more.” Stick to this adage by decluttering your home and storing belongings that don’t see everyday use. While you’re at it, deep clean behind and between furniture and every other spot you can think of until your home looks as good as new.

Freshen up with plants

Plants are a great and easy way to make a room feel more open and inviting. Real plants are preferable, but artificial plants will do just fine. You can add these plants wherever you’d like as long as they’re not crowding up a room and dominating the space.

Splashes of color

While the majority of your home should be in neutral colors, a splash of color here and there never hurts. Decorative pillows, art pieces, and rugs are great choices for when you want to add color to a room. A bit of pattern is okay, but make sure it doesn’t detract from the room as a whole.

A rug or two

Rugs are a fantastic way to tie in a room’s entire look together. Match the decorative pillows on your couch or add contrast with an opposing color. Don’t be afraid to choose a different texture than the rest of the fabric in the room! Small mats are also great, cozy additions to any bathroom.

Consider recessed lighting

If you’re not a fan of decorative lighting fixtures, recessed lighting may be the ideal choice for you. Recessed lighting is sleek and minimal in design, installed inside the wall or ceiling with a polished finish. These lights are mostly out of sight and energy efficient as well.

Decorative shelves

In the event that your living room looks a little empty, breathe new life into it by bringing in a pair of decorative shelves. These can be wall shelves or full bookshelves stocked up with books, magazines, encyclopedias, and other small objects. Be careful not to overdo it. Each shelf should be organized and tidy instead of everything crammed together.

Open up a room

Hanging up a large mirror is an effective way to open up a room and make it feel more spacious. If you have a fireplace, a mirror above the mantel is a perfect location, but smaller mirrors in more subtle areas work just as fine too.

New window treatments

Windows are easy to overlook but not any less important than the rest of the home. Give your windows a fresh look with a brand-new set of curtains, blinds, Roman shades, or anything else you prefer. You may also consider experimenting with the minimalist look by removing window covers and installing a sleek trim and finish.

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